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We're betting on you

With us, you're in focus. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender identity or orientation. We're looking for those who dare to think new and different. We're looking for you who are ready for a new and exciting adventure.

What is everyday life and the culture like at TECHPROS?

We see and listen to your needs and wishes. You will have the opportunity to work in many exciting projects that suit you, with above-average good conditions.

Through skills development, we will motivate you to get better at what you already know. You will also have the opportunity to learn something new. We ensure that you are comfortable during working hours and at our social events.

Are you ready for your next adventure?


Career development

You will receive a bonus of NOK 10,000 for carrying out certification alongside your duties at the client. There are also opportunities to participate in conferences, professional meetings etc. as needed and desired.


We build the company together with the employees, and are therefore concerned with a strong and motivating team. As an employee with us, the goal is for you to succeed both professionally and personally.


We hire together. All our employees can recruit skilled consultants to us. Anyone who contributes to a new colleague starting with us will receive a nice lump sum.

Subject supervisors

At TECHPROS, we provide skilled subject managers. Together with you, they will set up an individual plan of competence and learning goals. You will receive frequent follow-up so that you are confident in the work you perform.


Start with

Start by keeping your CV short and concise. It should not be more than 1-2 pages long.

Adapt your CV

Make sure your CV matches the position you are applying for.


Focus on presenting results - what you have achieved in the position you held in previous jobs.

Last check & send!

Double check contact information and references.