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We employ people from various schools and environments. We look for different types of profiles and are a diverse group.

About us

Our partners choose us primarily because of who we are, then for what we can do.

We are concerned that there is a good understanding between people and technology, so we can help our customers find the best solution.

We offer our employees professional challenges and assignments rich in learning. They get the opportunity to work with IT systems used by the entire population and exciting startups.

Our employees range from self-taught talents to those with 7+ years of education. The majority have a bachelor's or a master's degree in computer science, software development, system development, information technology, human-machine interaction (HCI/UX), cybernetics or mathematics.

In addition to this, many have certifications, courses and further education in their areas of expertise.

Our history

Our vision was to build a new and forward-looking technology company.

With a digitized culture and value platform, to be able to create business value for customers in an IT market characterized by major upheavals. TECHPROS was established in March 2014 by the founders with extensive experience from the Norwegian IT industry both from operational and advisory positions. As specialists in IT management, recruitment and service sales, we saw an opportunity to create a success story. We solved this by developing a company that could both offer specialists in the areas of expertise the market demanded, and by developing software that could support the processes included in this market. As a company, you must constantly navigate the market, you adapt continuously – what worked yesterday may fail completely tomorrow. Therefore, we have entered into strategic cooperation with some of the largest IT companies in Norway, so that we have had access to their framework agreements as a subcontractor. At the same time, we have worked systematically to obtain our own agreements with both the public and private sectors. During the last few years, the company has entered into several important agreements with both private and public enterprises. The growth in the market in general and the opportunities our customers give us in particular have contributed to our success.