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The environmental challenges are greater than ever. It is therefore important that companies take responsibility for reducing their climate emissions.

Measures in TECHPROS

At TECHPROS, this is an important investment. We work actively to reduce our emissions and ensure that we work in a sustainable way. We are certified with the Environmental Lighthouse, which shows that we are well on our way.

Extend lifespan
Before we buy new equipment, we consider whether renting or sharing is an option. Before any purchase, all new products are evaluated in relation to their environmental impact. We will favor more environmentally friendly and efficient products where possible. We will reuse and recycle everything we are able to. We also have a system for reusing electronic equipment, for example when an employee leaves. To reduce our energy consumption, we invest in computers and equipment with a long lifespan and low power consumption. Lights and electrical equipment are switched off when not in use and we try to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.

Measures by our employees
We believe that employees play an important role in reducing our environmental impact, and we have therefore involved all employees in implementing these guidelines for greater commitment and better performance. We will provide the employees with relevant training in sustainable business practices. Techpros encourages employees to use public transport or bicycles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have arrangements for flexible working hours that make it easier for employees to avoid rush hour traffic. We will reduce the need to travel and limit it to necessary trips.

Reduce consumption
To reduce paper consumption, we have introduced electronic signing and archiving of documents. We seek as much as possible to buy recycled and recyclable paper products, reduce cardboard packaging, and reuse and recycle cardboard and paper where possible. Techpros encourages employees to use recyclable materials and products with minimal packaging. We have introduced routines to reduce food waste in the workplace, in addition to source sorting. We try as far as possible to buy environmentally friendly products and services. This may include purchasing products that are made from recycled materials or have a minimal impact on the environment. We work to minimize the use of plastic as packaging, and will buy recycled and recyclable plastic products as much as possible, and recycle the plastic in the right way.

The way forward
We will continue to reduce our environmental impact, and work to be a sustainable company. We will also continue to work closely with our employees, customers and partners to achieve common environmental goals. TECHPROS will regularly evaluate and monitor its environmental impact and set targets for continuous improvement.

Technology & environment

Technology has revolutionized the way we live and work

It has also contributed to an increase in environmental problems such as global warming, loss of biological diversity and pollution of air and water. But technology also has the potential to be a solution to these problems.

Technology companies focus on developing technology that can help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, improve energy efficiency, preserve biodiversity and reduce waste and pollution. This may include the development of technology for recycling materials and waste, as well as the development of new materials that are biodegradable. Many technology companies also work to educate and inform the public about environmental problems and how technology can help solve them.

In today's world, there is a need for innovative solutions more than ever to deal with environmental problems. Companies like TECHPROS play an important role in developing solutions and driving forward a sustainable future.