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Linework AS is a technology company that specializes in developing services for the tattoo industry. The company offers a subscription-based (SaaS) solution that addresses specific challenges in the industry by synchronizing and aligning a number of services; including booking, deposit, payment, accounting and customer follow-up. This integrated system enables a seamless workflow for tattoo studios and artists, helping to improve business efficiency and productivity.

The lack of digital tools specifically developed for the tattoo industry posed a significant challenge for Kai, who was both a tattoo artist and owner of a tattoo studio.

For several years, tattoo artists have been forced to use systems that were primarily developed for hairdressers or the beauty industry. This was far from optimal, as these systems contained functionality that was not relevant to tattoo studios, while also lacking important features that were necessary.

In addition, there were a number of challenges related to accounting, tax and legal aspects for tattoo studios, which were in a gray area without clear guidelines from the authorities. This situation made running a tattoo studio very demanding, and many owners saw it as a risky business with a lot of work and few benefits.

Fullstack Developer and Tech Lead
UX Designer
Fullstack Developer
Anna Maria
Junior Frontend Developer and UX-Designer
Fullstack Developer
Junior Fullstack
CPO and Senior UX Designer
UX-advisor and Functional Architect
Senior Test Developer
Investment year
Kai Robin Ree
12,5% – 7.5MNOK
Investment type
Arbeid for aksjer

We deliver a subscription-based (SaaS) solution that effectively integrates and optimizes services in the tattoo industry. Our platform simplifies operational processes, improves organization and customer service, and reduces administrative work for tattoo artists and studios. With our tailor-made solution, the industry gets a powerful tool to deliver outstanding services.


Linework has established itself as a leading platform in the tattoo industry thanks to a dedicated and diverse team that is constantly working to improve the app's functionality and user experience. Mads, CTO and full-stack developer at Linework, has played a crucial role in the development of the app's web, mobile and cloud services. With his expertise in cloud and payment services, Mads has contributed to creating a seamless flow that results in high customer satisfaction. He has also mentored new developers, reviewed code and planned future tasks, making him an invaluable asset to Lineworks' success. Marius H, co-founder of Linework, has also played a decisive role as responsible for product development. With his versatile experience, Marius has handled a number of tasks, including UX design, communication and interdisciplinary collaboration. He has helped to balance the work between development and new modules and improvement of existing services, which ensures that the team has the necessary resources to succeed. In addition to Mads and Marius, the team consists of skilled developers such as Kevin, Marius S and Andrea. Kevin, a Junior Fullstack developer, has recently taken over mobile development after working primarily with web. Marius S, a self-taught full-stack developer, has contributed with his unique combination of business, client and technology perspectives. Andrea, a Junior Fullstack developer, is responsible for the development of the integration between mobile and web, as well as the work with the payment solution Zapier. The design department also plays an important role in Lineworks' success. Tonje has been responsible for the design of several functions for both web and mobile, and has contributed to improving the user experience and the user journey on the platform. Iselin, formerly Customer Success Manager, has contributed to quality assurance of new functions and established documented processes with developers and designers. Anna, with her expertise in the tech stack, has been responsible for the visual adjustments to Linework's web solution. She has organized the project, collected and sorted files and components in both the design and code base. Her focus on functionality and user-friendliness has contributed to a continuous improvement of the platform. Through daily stand-up meetings, thorough testing and continuous communication, they have worked towards a common goal and achieved high customer satisfaction. With Mads and Marius H at the helm, along with their talented team members, Linework continues to deliver ever better services to its users, and is well positioned for future success in the tattoo industry. Linework's breakthrough is the result of concerted collaboration and innovation from this dedicated and diverse team.

Services provided
  • Artist and studio account
  • Invitation of artists and login for studio managers
  • Calendar function for creating and planning sessions
  • Possibility for cash payment with overview of sales
  • Time zone function in the calendar
  • Stripe online payment
  • Possibility for splitting and adjusting payment to artists
  • Studio rent and uninvoiced payment to have an overview of the payments
  • Full redesign of account - the system for easier access to sub-accounts
  • Recording of refunds
  • Aftercare instructions with template design for images and designs
  • Deposit
  • Notes for customers and sessions

To be added further:

  • Release forms
  • Buy now pay later-function
  • Artist availability for booking of sessions on other websites


Tech stack:
NodeJS express - TypeScript, MongoDB / DocumentDB (NoneSQL database), Maildev, ReactJS, Axios, Redux, React Native

SES, SNS, Codecommit, Codebuild, ECS/Fargate, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation

Figma, Jira, Intercom, Mixpanel, Zapier, Confluence, Adobe cloud express, UI-licous, Storybook

Project photos
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Fakta om kunden

Linework AS was founded in 2017 with the aim of developing digital tools for the tattoo industry. The founder, Kai, who has 18 years of experience as a tattoo artist and started his own studio 12 years ago, realized the need for the right tools to run a successful business. In collaboration with TECHPROS, Linework developed a subscription-based (SaaS) system that solves industry-specific challenges by coordinating services such as booking, deposit, payment, accounting and customer follow-up. This system provides tattoo studios and artists with a seamless workflow and improves efficiency and productivity. Kai is sure that the process of building a successful business like the tattoo studio Timeless Tattoo would be much easier with the right tools. Tattoo studios have a high turnover of artists, and there are different ways of running a studio that not all artists are equally used to. Linework aims to professionalize different parts of the tattoo industry by offering specialized digital tools. So that studio owners can handle high artist turnover and different modes of operation, eliminate duplicate work and ensure accuracy in accounting and invoicing. The number of tattoo artists in Norway has increased from 20-30 in 2005 to around 3,000 today. This indicates the strong growth in the industry and the need for customized digital tools.


Linework has had a positive collaboration with TECHPROS, which has invested in the company and contributed resources. This partnership has been beneficial and enabled the development of technology as well as the recruitment of juniors who have strengthened the business. In the project, we have had several resources that have contributed both partially and throughout the process. These resources have enjoyed the project and have a great interest in what we do.

Marius H, who has been the architect behind the solution throughout, has been a great advantage in the project by having good control over how everything should fit together and be carried out, as well as having led the project in a good way.

Linework has adapted the strategy throughout the project based on the knowledge we have gained about the market in the USA, which differs from the Norwegian market. Originally we planned to launch a test model in Norway first, but this turned out to be too expensive due to the relatively small Norwegian market compared to the US. Plans include expanding outside the US, as the need for the system is global.

The goal for Linework has been to become one of the industry's leading players. Our system solves unique challenges related to the synchronization and automation of information between different forms of company.

Now that the product has been launched and is in use, there is demand and willingness to pay for it. Linework has proven that their system works on all platforms it is developed for. This has been a demanding task, but we now have a successful proof of concept. We face the same challenges everywhere, and no one else has been able to solve them - except us.

"TECHPROS has a crazy good environment, and I think a crazy good environment has a lot to say about creating a crazy good product."

Kai Robin Ree
CEO and Founder

A few years ago, TECHPROS decided to expand from consulting services to digitization in the Norwegian and international market. We partnered with Linework because of founder Kai's expertise in the tattoo industry and his understanding of the challenges tattoo artists and studio owners face. We saw a unique opportunity to build a SaaS solution for this market, and Linework's business model gave us faith in the company's potential.

As a development partner, TECHPROS established a team of developers and designers in Linework to deliver complete projects in architecture, building systems, backend, frontend and UX. The collaboration tested the transition from consultancy to technology company.

Linework was TECHPRO's first investment in a start-up, and we assembled the team as we wanted, developed employees' expertise in relevant technologies and frameworks.

We also contributed to the development of the business model and sit on Lineworks' board. This enables TECHPROS to market itself as a holistic supplier of a complete team, not just individual sales. The collaboration was also a platform for new graduates who wanted to learn about product development.

Our aim is to work closely with the founders for optimal returns. We are early in the company's development and want to contribute to Lineworks' success as an investor and development partner. We now own a share of 12-13% after an investment of NOK 7-8 million, with significant potential for returns.

Andreas Øwre
CEO and Founder hos Techpros AS