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STARC (short for 'Standardised Augmented Reality Communication'), founded by Jan Groth, is a Content Management System (CMS) that provides solutions for ordering, order management and performance monitoring of photorealistic advertising and product placements in live TV.

TECHPROS was asked to develop the frontend/UX (user experience) for the solution and the profiling of STARC.

CPO and Senior UX Designer
Senior UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer
UX/UI Designer
Investment year
Jan Groth
4,8% – 1.125MNOK
Investment type
Arbeid for aksjer

A demo solution was developed to provide a good demonstration of how the solution works, including new modules for ordering AR location solutions to handle multiple user types and functionality that enables the necessary information sharing across these actors. A demo solution was developed for to provide a good demonstration of how the solution works, including new modules for ordering AR location solutions to handle multiple user types and functionality that enables the necessary information sharing across these actors.


Starting from a technical 'proof-of-concept', Marius was initially given the task of identifying what needed to be done to turn the solution into a functioning system for end users. He is also responsible for UX design and testing, and ensures good communication and logistics between backend and frontend to ensure that all parts work well together and that everything is ready for frontend development. Furthermore, he improves the UX design and the sketches that Nina will implement in the front end. He ensures good communication and logistics between backend and frontend, and ties these parts together when they belong to two different companies. In collaboration with Mylder, he plans how the API will work, and then plans with Nina how this will be implemented in the front end. It was decided to implement a framework and technologies that are well known to advertisers in both the solution and the profile, with the aim of minimizing the necessary training time for potential customers/advertisers when using the solution. This aspect has been prioritized both in the design of the solution itself and in its profiling. Milosh was given full responsibility for developing and designing the website for STARC. He adapted his ideas according to the technology used to build the website, taking into account the limitations that came with it, such as limitations in animation and complexity.

The first impression when looking at an application is visual. Therefore, if the application has an interesting and easy-to-use UI interface with an approachable design, it can create a positive impression. When a company invests time and resources into creating a good visual impact, it creates trust that the application is professional and well-developed with good code.

- Milosh
UI Designer

Services provided
  • Demo for the CMS solution
  • Profiling - Logo, website, PR material
  • HTML
  • CSS 
  • WebFlow
  • The solution is an API in the Backend that the Frontend builds on
  • Frontend is written in React and TypeScript with framework in MUI

Project photos
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Fakta om kunden

Jan Groth has experience in sales and has worked in media and startups since 2010. He founded an app called VIAMO that used Shazam technology and additional information to recognize TV content. The app was quickly acquired by MTGx, where he worked for two years. In the same period, Jan sold another startup. Some of his friends, who later started The Future Group (Later Pixotope and Velixio Group), started working on a project that focused on mobile and TV with cool graphics for an interactive game show. He started working at The Future Group and was responsible for all commercial sales to TV channels. He worked a lot with the sale of graphics for live TV, including events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Super Bowl and Red Bull - so many exciting projects. AR and graphics on TV broadcasts went from being something that only they worked on, to becoming something that many others also started with. Jan started thinking about how to do this commercially and how advertisers could be present. In a football match, there are many spectators in the stadium, but even more viewers on TV. Therefore, it will be more interesting for advertisers to be exposed on TV than in the stadium. This was the background for the idea of ​​STARC - which was founded in July 2020. If this is to be scaled to, for example, 200 arenas where Mercedes Benz will be present with different languages ​​and messages, you need a system that systematizes it. The system needs to know which resources are available in which arena at any given time, how much organic screen time they have and how many viewers are watching.


STARC values ​​good and open communication across all levels, and appreciates the relaxed atmosphere in the office of TECHPROS - where there is a low threshold for asking questions, no matter how "stupid" they may seem. We also greatly appreciate TECHPROS' role in creating a solid foundation in Oslo, which contributes to better communication and connections in controllable environments.

One of STARC's biggest challenges is that the world has changed a lot since we started 1.5 years ago, and there is now less willingness to take risks. The investors require more conviction and time to learn what our solution is all about and how smart it actually is. Jan believes that "TV channels will bring in more advertising money, and advertisers will have something new: this is a cool solution, and it does not affect the production flow in a negative way". Jan has previous experience from three startups, but now he is waiting for opportunities that may open up in the world of television.

There is a continuous balance between having skilled consultants and not spreading resources too thin. STARC wanted to have a small team who are experts in what they do, and rather spend a little more time finding the right people, than having a large team where communication can become more complicated.

Jan Groth
CEO and Founder

"We want to work with companies and entrepreneurs who have particularly solid domain knowledge of their industry. In addition, the technology is exciting because it enables AR-based advertising, and because this is a market with great growth.

We see good opportunities to enter the industry and the market associated with this type of advertising, while at the same time it gives us and our employees opportunities to work with future-oriented technology. We consider STARC as a startup where we both have good opportunities to profit from our investment, and build up knowledge and expertise in AR/VR through innovation and new development."

Andreas Øwre
CEO and Founder hos Techpros AS