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Consulting services

Are you curious about what our consultants do on assignments?
We offer a wide range of services within digitalisation.

Service overview

UX/UI Design

We combine several disciplines to create digital services that are targeted, meaningful and user-friendly. Our consultants are experts in insight work, user testing, prototyping, interaction design and graphic design.

Frontend- and app development

With a full overview of programming languages, frameworks and libraries, design and user experience are translated into code. Our developers are specialists in the total frontend stack used in the development of websites, desktop applications and mobile apps.

System development and programming

Our expertise lies in leading programming languages, development frameworks and building systems used in the digitization of society. Our group of developers are experts in the development and management of the core systems used in the public and private sector.

Project- and product management

We run processes, manage projects, lead product development and coordinate progress and deliveries. Our advisers have versatile expertise from large business-critical projects within a number of industries and domains.

Test and test management

We test, quality-assure and correct all phases in the development cycle of software and systems. We deliver technical testing, test management, functional testing and user experience testing.

Infomation security

We focus on secure development, secure management and secure operation of core systems, infrastructure and networks. We always follow standardized frameworks, procedures and processes in our security work.